SAVED BY GRACE, A River Falls Mystery Series, Book 3 released January 2019

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Romance, humor, and miracles again lace this cozy collection with twists and turns to keep you reading until the end.

Saved by Grace is the third book in the continuing saga of the small town of River Falls, Minnesota. The story continues with engaged couple, Azalea Jasmine Rose and Sheriff Mitch DeVries planning their new life together. When Mitch’s ex-wife, Susan, arrives back in River Falls, Azalea’s not so sure she’s ready to deal with the new turn of events. Susan makes it clear she’s determined to reunite with Mitch and their daughter, Natalia.

When Becca, Azalea’s daughter, and Natalia are kidnapped, an Amber Alert is sent throughout the state. The town comes together to search for the missing girls. With very few clues to go on, MItch and Detective Steve Bishop struggle to find the mastermind behind the kidnapping. Clues continue to lead them in different directions.

The girls escape their captors only to get lost in the woods. They need to cross the river to get back home. The current in the river starts to sweep them away, but they are rescued by a woman, who calls herself Grace. Who is Grace and why was she there at the right time and the right place to help the two girls? What secrets are the girls keeping from their mom and dad? Will the love between Azalea and Mitch survive all the trauma?

Make sure and read the first two books in the series, Secrets in the High Rise and No Reasonable Doubt. Books can be purchased through Amazon either in paperback or thru Kindle ebooks. Books are also available at Broadway Floral (autographed copies) in Alexandria, MN or Cherry Street Books also in Alexandria. Right now my website does not have credit card capabilities to sell the books.


NO REASONABLE DOUBT, A River Falls Mystery Series, Book Two

Released May 2018:

NO REASONABLE DOUBT, A River Falls Mystery Series, Book Two, continues as Azalea Jasmine Rose purchases her aunt’s flower shop. Meet Azalea’s quirky family — her mother, her sisters named after flowers, and her staff.

During Steph and Reverend Rafe’s wedding Azalea realizes she is still attracted to Sheriff Mitch DeVries, but her strong faith in God makes her reluctant to date a man who puts his work first.

A new competitor puts her business in jeopardy until a mysterious man arrives in town and sells Azalea handcrafted religious carvings. As customers purchase them, unexplainable miracles happen.

Her world is turned upside down by her sister’s return home from an abusive relationship, and their discovery of a prominent businessman — dead. She unwillingly is thrown into Mitch’s world.

Will Azalea end up a victim after several attempts on her life? How will Mitch protect her when she and her sister start their own investigation? As they look for clues, Azalea is asked to go undercover in the guise of dating a potential suspect. How far is she willing to go to catch a killer.

Romance, murder, humor and miracles lace this cozy mystery collection where intrigue abounds and love keep you on the line.

Books can be purchased at and as an ebook on Kindle. It’s also available through IngramSparks Publishing at your local book store.

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SECRETS IN THE HIGH RISE, A River Falls Mystery Series, Book One

Released November 2017:


Synopsis:  Recently divorced and an expert in commercial renovations, Stephanie Runnell, returns to her hometown of River Falls, Minnesota, to restore the town’s low-income housing. Constructed in the 1970s, one of the buildings, a 13-story high rise, already has an ominous reputation.

The two skeletal remains found during the renovations don’t help the issue. Who was buried there over forty years ago and why? What other secrets are hidden in the high rise?

Sheriff Mitch DeVries, Steph’s former high school crush, is involved in the investigation, and her old feelings begin to emerge as they work to solve the mystery.

To complicate matters further, local minister, Reverend Rafael McGowan, seems really interested in the skeletal remains, but he is also interested in her. God and religion are the last things Stephanie wants in her life. Can Reverend Rafe help Stephanie find her way back to God?  Is she able to forgive all the hurts of the past? Can she find love again?

Romance, deception and murder lace this first book of the River Falls Mystery series, a Christian cozy collection where intrigue abounds and love keeps you on the line.

Books can be purchased on and as an ebook on your Kindle. It’s also available through IngramSparks Publishing at your local book store.

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I do not write porn, erotica, sex (same as erotica or close to it), graphic blood and guts, horror, sci-fi, foul language, etc. I write for the mature audience who appreciates Christian fiction, but wants more than a romantic love story. I like who-dunnits. I’m tired of reading books where the main character is still in their teens or early twenties. They haven’t experienced life yet, so I write for the more mature. Even though many of the younger set may also enjoy what I write–my granddaughters, for instance.  I also write non-fiction stories. I have several true angel stories, memoirs, stories as told to me, in my repertoire. I keep them locked in my computer waiting for an opportunity to pull each one out and use it.  I certainly enjoyed writing them if for no other reason than to enjoy looking back.

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