Why I’m here

Like a good cup of coffee? I do — with lots of cream. However, due to health reasons I get stuck with decaf.  I’m writing this blog to let you know why I’m here. I love to write. I may not be the best writer, but I have fun doing it. I do, however, consider myself a professional. I’ve written short stories, memoirs, novels, and even was a grant writer at one time. I’ve been a co-editor of my college newsletter back in the 1960s. That’s when you still printed on the mimeograph (if any of you remember those times). So I’ve seen a lot of changes in the past fifty years.

I do not write porn, erotica, sex (same as erotica or close to it), graphic blood and guts, horror, sci-fi, foul language, etc. I write for the mature audience who appreciates Christian fiction, but wants more than a romantic love story. I like who-dunnits. I’m tired of reading books where the main character is still in their teens or early twenties. They haven’t experienced life yet, so I write for the more mature. Even though many of the younger set may also enjoy what I write–my granddaughters, for instance.  I also write non-fiction stories. I have several true angel stories, memoirs, stories as told to me, in my repertoire. I keep them locked in my computer waiting for an opportunity to pull each one out and use it.  I certainly enjoyed writing them if for no other reason than to enjoy looking back.

My reason for this website is to promote my writings and books.  I want to also emphasize that I love our Lord, Jesus Christ, as my savior, and I devote everything I write to the glory of the Lord. I also make sure that any money I receive from my writing, if any, is also shared with my church. I tithe according to the Bible. Thank you and God Bless you today and always.