SECRETS IN THE HIGH RISE, A River Falls Mystery Series, Book One

Released November 2017:

SECRETS IN THE HIGH RISE, A RIVER FALLS MYSTERY SERIES, BOOK ONE, is my first attempt at publishing. Since it’s first publication in 2017, it has been revised in 2020. I had errors in the book that were not caught in the first printing, so during the pandemic of 2020 I revised the book and sent it through another edit.

Synopsis:  Recently divorced and an expert in commercial renovations, Stephanie Runnell, returns to her hometown of River Falls, Minnesota, to restore the town’s low-income housing. Constructed in the 1970s, one of the buildings, a 13-story high rise, already has an ominous reputation.

The two skeletal remains found during the renovations don’t help the issue. Who was buried there over forty years ago and why? What other secrets are hidden in the high rise?

Sheriff Mitch DeVries, Steph’s former high school crush, is involved in the investigation, and her old feelings begin to emerge as they work to solve the mystery.

To complicate matters further, local minister, Reverend Rafael McGowan, seems really interested in the skeletal remains, but he is also interested in her. God and religion are the last things Stephanie wants in her life. Can Reverend Rafe help Stephanie find her way back to God?  Is she able to forgive all the hurts of the past? Can she find love again?

Romance, deception and murder lace this first book of the River Falls Mystery series, a Christian cozy collection where intrigue abounds and love keeps you on the line.

Books can be purchased on and as an ebook on your Kindle. It’s also available through IngramSparks Publishing at your local book store.

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