TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT, A River Falls Mystery Series, Book 4, released 2020

The final book in the River Falls Mystery Series is here. TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT brings together many of the same characters from the beginning of the series.

Detective Steve Bishop and Sunflower “Sunny” Rose have had a love-hate relationship since the moment they met. Steve doesn’t want to commit to a relationship even though his feelings for Sunny won’t go away, which makes Sunny’s new job as a rookie in the River Falls Sheriff’s Department a bit of a trial.

While on her new job, Sunny learns that 9-1-1 calls lead from humorous to tragic, but when she goes undercover, she soon discovers a human-trafficking ring operating in the area. Only it’s not the typical crime being committed here, which makes it too close for comfort.

When the worst happens and Sunny is abducted by human traffickers, Steve and Sheriff Mitch DeVries work against the clock before Sunny is sold to the highest bidder or even worse. Will they be able to rescue her in time, or will Steve be forced to live with a lifetime of regret?

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